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How-to Movies
We've got some tutorial how-to movies showing many of the features of BB FlashBack: see them here
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User Guide
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Change History
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For BB FlashBack Standard Edition
Sending a problem report to Blueberry
How to send a problem report that includes diagnostic log files and screenshots to Blueberry.

Problems recording games or video
How to get the best results when recording dynamic content like games or moving video.

How to Record PC Sounds
Tips and help on recording the PC speakers/sounds.

Using record modes to get better recordings
If you're recording demanding material like video and animations, you'll need to know about record modes if you're going to get the best from BB FlashBack.

Exporting to the right format
WMV or AVI? EXE or Flash? BB FlashBack exports to a bunch of formats, so you need to pick the right one for you and your audience.

Movie file sizes explained
A guide to understanding what makes FlashBack (and exported) movie files larger and some tips on shrinking them.

Making better AVIs
How to improve the quality and reduce the size of your AVI exports.


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