Change History

Version 5.10.0

  • Fix: MP4 exports could display a yellow line at the right side or white line at the bottom, depending on the export dimensions
  • Enables conversion of FLV files to FBR via the 'Convert video file to Flashback movie' function
  • Fix: when selecting screens to be recorded in a multi-monitor system, screens were incorrectly darkened
  • Fix: incorrect looping in exported GIFs
  • Fix: LAME encoder could cause AV on saving audio. Added FPU workaround
  • Enables running without licence for one day

Version 5.9.0

  • Fix: long startup times could be caused by not clearing the crash tracking xml file.
  • Fix: cancelling an Insert Video operation hid the dialog, making it appear that the main window was unresponsive.
  • Various improvements to the 'Enter licence key' dialog.
  • Fix: prevents tiny regions being defined on Region recording
  • Enables FlashBack Connect trial licences

Version 5.8.0

  • Fix: Region or window recording when Windows was using >100% scaling did not record the correct region
  • Fix: could not export text from a movie containing Button objects
  • Added openh264 support for MP4
  • Fix: to XML parsing problems
  • Fix: incorrect text on 'enter licence key' dialog for Express

Version 5.7.0

  • Fix: possible problem on some PCs that did not have msvc80.dll
  • Fix: broken cursor data could cause exe exports to crash
  • Removed the option to run unlicensed
  • Fix: crash on start of Player due to GDI+ APi call
  • Added option to record 'modifier' keystrokes Shift, Alt, Ctrl
  • Fix: on screenshot uploads to FlashbackConnect, the wrong name was display on the Uploads dialog
  • Fix: when exporting a selection of frames, entering a value for the end frame clears the value for the start frame
  • Fix: saving then opening a recording from Recorder did not work when the date and time were automatically added to the file name
  • Fix: could not remove border from some images

Version 5.6.0

  • Reduces CPU usage during playback when using default 'IPP' rendering
  • Improves speed of saving a recording when using size limiting functions in the Recorder
  • Fix: reseller IDs were not being passed correctly to domain
  • Fix: WMV export could crash with 'floating point exception'
  • Fix: volume control on central toolbar could be partly hidden because the toolbar was not adjusting to window width correctly
  • Fix: the upgrade link on the Express splash dialog could be empty
  • Adds ability to overwrite movies in FlashBack Connect rather than create a new one on every upload
  • Fix: if a movie had its audio track divided into clips, sometimes a clip could be repeated on export
  • Added options of different formatting when including the date in the recording file name
  • Added ability to reset FlashBack Connect account password when selecting the 'Use existing account' option
  • Added ability to add markers to movies in Express edition
  • Fix: some MP4 files when imported, played at > x1 speed
  • Fix: selecting to share to Youtube shared to FlashBack Connect instead
  • Fix: in the 'Upgrade to Pro or Standard' dialog in Express, the 'Upgrade' link could be blank

Version 5.5.0

  • Shifts sound back to its natural pitch when playing back at > x1 speed
  • Adds ability to send screenshots to FlashBack Connect
  • Fix: crash in EXE export, on opening the EXE player
  • Fix: Player crashes on startup in vistacoresoundapiwrap.dll, for some PCs
  • Fix: export to Powerpoint format could create a zero byte file
  • Adds ability to have date and time added to the file name.
  • Fix: help file could not be opened in Express
  • Fix: crash on exporting text to RTF for localisation in some movies
  • Fix: crash when settings 'Record webcam only' and 'Display webcam while recording' settings are both on.
  • Adds 'unlicensed' text to the Recorder title bar when running unlicensed, to make the status clearer.
  • Fix: large image objects could disappear after the movie was saved.
  • Improves performance when opening movies that contain many key presses.
  • Enables dragging of red frame before region recording starts.

Version 5.4.0

  • Shows more properties of webcam video streams, e.g. FPS
  • You can now specify the duration of scheduled recordings instead of a stop time
  • Fix: speeding up frames in some movies (those recorded with MPEG mode) could put mouse clicks out of sync with the video
  • Fix: In the left side pane of the Player, the Help button from the KeyLog tab could be visible in other tabs
  • Fix: opening a movie from the Welcome window when the movie is in a separate window from the Player caused an error.
  • Fix: arrow keys not displayed correctly in the keybar
  • Fix: some dialog boxes could be displayed split between dual monitors
  • Fix: framebar scroll on dragging selection was too fast
  • Fix: crash on stopping recording
  • Hides the main Recorder window when defining a record region
  • Fix: 'upload initializing' could be displayed for a long time when uploading to FlashBack Connect
  • The upload list is cleared on changing FlashBack Connect accounts

Version 5.3.0

  • Fix: uploading cropped movies to Flashback Connect resulted in incorrectly cropped movie
  • Fix: clicking items in the left side pane when no movie loaded caused crash
  • Fix: the scheduled recording start and end time controls were not drawn correctly

Version 5.2.0

  • Fix: Youtube authentication codes were not being accepted by FlashBack which meant it could not authenticate to an account on first use.

Version 5.1.0

  • Fix: region recording on 3 monitor systems could produce a movie that could not be opened.
  • Fix: crash on batch export to Flash format
  • Auto adjustment of audio levels when recording, if detected to be too low

Version 5

Major additions:

  • Share movies easily with FlashBack Connect (Beta - for Pro and Standard purchasers only)
  • New user interface
  • Password protect movies
  • Easier localisation of movies: movies can contain multiple languages and import/export text
  • Add 'magnifier' effects
  • Many other smaller improvements and fixes

Version 4.1.11

  • Added ability to record non-Microphone sources at the same time as the PC Sounds source, into separate tracks. Previously only allowed with Mic sources
  • Fix: region or window recording on Windows 8.1 with high DPI screens recorded the wrong region
  • Fix: the 'capture driver' record mode could become automatically selected after an automatic update of the application
  • Fix: transitions in inserted FBRs could cause black areas to appear in the movie
  • Fix: batch export of GDI mode movies could cause a message to appear that stopped the batch export
  • Fix: users were being prompted to optimize movies that were small and did not require optimization

Version 4.1.10

  • Fix: scrollwheel now scrolls through movie as expected. up=to the start, down=towards the end
  • Improved automatic setting of keyframe rates in MPEG recordings and import of video files
  • Fix: there was a bug in editing textboxes with a pause and a transition
  • Fix: it was impossible to set some pixel sizes for exports
  • Fix: switching between multiple webcams meant the preview image did not switch accordingly
  • Enabled Standard and Express editions to import movie from Avi file
  • Enabled QuickTime and WMV in the batch export utility
  • Fix: Some FBR files that had been edited with a large number of copy-paste frames operations could cause excessive memory usage. These files are now compressed on opening
  • Added option to change padding colour in WMV exports
  • Added the ability to export notes and keypress information to either XML or text formats, copying the data to the clipboard or saving as a file
  • Added warning when opening a movie from a network or external drive
  • Removed cropping restrictions in Standard edition
  • Added a warning when disk space is low on the Temp folder drive
  • Fix: unedited MPEG movies when inserted into another movie, would not play correctly

Version 4.1.9

  • Fix: Copying and pasting frames many times in MPEG mode recordings could result in an increase in memory usage and failure to export to MP4
  • Fix: mouse could become out of sync with video when adding start titles to an MPEG recording
  • Fix: cursor position was incorrect when recording on Win 8.1 with 'window tracking' turned on and a high DPI screen
  • Fix: Youtube upload. Users can now easily switch accounts
  • Fix: non-local unicode characters in the filename could prevent exporting to Flash
  • Fix: the cursor could disappear in movies recorded in MPEG mode
  • Fix: in WMV export window, the audio bitrates were incorrectly displayed
  • Fix: incorrect cursor displayed in recordings of Windows 8.1 on a high DPI display
  • Fix: on Windows 8, the Upload function could not be accessed when running the app under a different account than that used for installation
  • Fixes to diagnostic logging
  • Fix: titles could be incorrectly centered
  • Fix: MPEG4 export. Large files could be missing audio. Also fixes excessive memory usage when export FPS was lower than original
  • Fix: brings back 'quality' mode for MPEG4 export
  • Fix: image insert could default position to -1,-1
  • Fix: In express and Std editions, some Effects -> Autoscroll menu items should have been hidden
  • Now warns the user when there is not much space left on drive containing the BBFB temp folder
  • Fix: incorrect region recording on Windows 8.1 with high DPI screen

Version 4.1.8

  • Fix: start and end titles were not correctly centered
  • Fix: authentication for Youtube uploads now works with more accounts (oauth2)
  • When a large movie recorded with GDI mode is detected, it is converted to MPEG mode
  • Adds option to default Save As to previous folder saved to
  • MPEG record mode automatically selected in more cases
  • Uninstall.exe now has digital signature
  • Fix: when recording Windows 8 in touch-only mode, the cursor is hidden in the recording
  • Fix: color balance in export to FLV corrected
  • Fix: FBCmd.exe command line tool added to Standard edition
  • Fix: using the toolbar sound volume control could disable keyboard shortcuts for play/pause

Version 4.1.7

  • Improved color reproduction in MPEG mode recordings and exports
  • Fix: EXE export - the cursor could go behind other objects
  • Enabled automatic killing of silently crashed recorder process when the user attempts to start recorder a second time
  • Sound now compressed at record-time by default, instead of post-recording, to remove delay on stopping recording
  • Fix: EXE exports could contain a corrupted cursor image
  • Adds progress indicator to saving selected frames
  • Fix: adding a WMV/AVI file as webcam could insert it at the wrong frame
  • Fix: adds FBCMD command line interface to Standard edition
  • Fix: can now add ico, wmf, emf format files as images
  • Digital signing of the recorder, player and batch export executables to reduce likelihood of 'low file reputation' warnings from Avast AV

Version 4.1.6

  • EXE exports will now scale up to fit the window, instead of padding the 100% scaled movie
  • Fix: EXE exports of movies containing transitions could crash on playing

Version 4.1.5

  • Fix: capture driver mode could be incorrectly selected when Aero was being used
  • Fix: could hang on first run after upgrade on non-English locales
  • Fix: rich text copied into textbox from Wordpad was losing justification after editing the box
  • Fix: adding an object from the gallery could break keyboard shortcuts
  • Added: facility to recover from 'sector errors' in FBR file
  • Fix: cursor highlight was not displayed in EXE exports
  • Fix: Windows 8 users no longer see the warning about Aero when selecting the capture driver
  • Added: option for multi threaded recording
  • Fix: problem in cross fades in EXE exports

Version 4.1.4

  • Fix: EXE export - error was seen when playing EXE exports of movies recorded using MPEG record mode.
  • Fix: Save - very rarely, it was possible for the Save As dialog to not appear when attempting to save a recording

Version 4.1.3

  • Fix: on some PCs Recorder would fail to start and Player would show an error message about VistaCoreSoundAPIWrap.dll on starting.

Version 4.1.2

  • Fix: Flash-FLV export. A pause in frame zero would result in that and subsequent pauses not working
  • Fix: using FBCMD.exe (the command line interface) to start a recording caused an error
  • Fix: exporting to WMV on Windows 8 and setting the Variable Bit Rate option would cause an error
  • Fix: adding a second monitor to a laptop, and making that the primary monitor could result in a region being recorded from the wrong monitor in capture driver mode
  • Fix: error on importing a partially corrupted MP3 file
  • Fix: MPEG4 exports. These were not compatible with iPad3
  • Fix: Flash-SWF exports. A blur object in a movie that had its FPS adjusted to keep its maximum frames within the SWF limits, could cause an error on exporting
  • Fix: EXE exports. Problems in textbox, arrow, cursor highlight positioning
  • Fix: Sound sync test removed - no longer applicable
  • Fix: TestAssistant - fixed detection of .NET framework versions. It was possible for v4 to not be detected
  • Fix: opening a second movie in Player could cause an Access Violation
  • Fix: multiple buttons in one frame could not operate correctly in SWF exports
  • Fix: MPEG mode would not record a window with height less than 40px
  • Fix: Recorder Options - removed Quick Record setting and restart warning setting on Misc tab
  • Fix: MPEG4 export - pixel height settings could change between exports
  • Fix: a pause before a frame that contained many changes could result in image corruption in exports
  • Cosmetic change: moved textbox 'style' settings to Style tab
  • Removed warning in EXE player that it could not create file association for FBR files
  • Fix: in Youtube uploads, pauses would break audio-video sync
  • When exporting a selection of frames, the correct section of audio was not exported
  • Adding a sound track to a movie that previously had none, then trying to record over it, caused a crash
  • In Flash exports, 'click to continue' buttons need to be clicked themselves, rather than anywhere on the movie, to continue playback
  • Fix: copying multiple objects to the clipboard caused errors and a possible crash in Player
  • Fix: adding start titles to a movie that has a 'click to continue' textbox at frame 0 caused an error
  • Fix: the Remove Noise window would try to appear in the center of secondary monitors, so if a secondary monitor had been disconnected, the window would not appear
  • EXE export now supported for movies recorded with MPEG mode

Version 4.1.1

  • Fix: problem reporting menu item was incorrectly disabled and reports could not be sent

Version 4.1.0

  • Scheduled recordings now always disable screensavers and keep the PC awake
  • Fix: AppData/Roaming/Blueberry/Gallery folder now removed on deinstall
  • Fix: invisible keystrokes textboxes were not visible in EXE exports
  • Added ability to hide/unhide and delete objects in the gallery
  • Added option to hide the 3-2-1 countdown on recording start
  • Improved appearance of 'X days left in trial' screen for PCs using Windows scaling
  • Fix: textbox content could become obscured (43791)
  • Fix: watermark dragging and scaling did not work correctly when movie viewed at <100% scaling
  • Fix: player could crash when running the 'Delete all inactive sections' function
  • Fix: was possible to get an error when resetting textbox styles to defaults after editing gallery objects
  • Fix: incorrect setting of transition duration when using slider
  • Fix: Export form drawn incorrectly on high DPI screens
  • Fix: playback shortcuts did not work after moving or resizing a textbox
  • Internal LogSys logging turned on by default
  • Fix: editing a textbox in the gallery would not set options in the Properties dialog correctly
  • Fix: timeline thumb in EXE exports would not be shown at the end, when shorter movies ended
  • Fix: trying to add a blur object to the gallery would cause an error
  • Fix: the 3-2-1 dialog could be captured at the start of capture driver recordings on slower PCs
  • Fix: pause objects could be randomly inserted into Flash-SWF exports that used blur and transition objects
  • Fix: batch export - when viewing export format settings windows, these showed incorrect pixel sizes for movies

Version 4.0.1

  • Fix: corrupted gallery file could prevent FB Player from opening
  • Fix: incorrect settings could cause audio sync issues
  • Fix: Recordings could not be exported directly after recording
  • Fix: Youtube uploads did not pause correctly
  • Fix: error on saving frames as bitmap when in trial mode.
  • Fix: Zoompan effects not displayed correctly when using DirectX rendering
  • Fix: batch exporter did not password protect Flash exports
  • Fix: broken UI on Insert Frames dialog
  • Fix: 'Record' dropdown could be empty when making a scheduled recording
  • Adds support for importing Float_IEEE format WAV files
  • Fix: cursor could be incorrectly visible or invisible when inserting an FBR into another
  • Fix: objects could be dragged from the gallery during playback
  • Improved handling of user trying to start a second instance of recorder
  • Fix: recorded sound could be 'choppy' or 'clicky'
  • Fix: issue where recorder window could be hidden, with no taskbar icon, after unattended scheduled recording
  • Record-time notes disabled by default

New in version 4

  • Add Transitions to make a smooth fade from one part of the movie to another
  • Drag objects to and from the 'gallery' to reuse them more easily
  • Export to GIF format
  • Blur parts of the movie
  • Make notes at record time and see them in the recording
  • And many other smaller improvements