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Very simple to use... a great product Richard Goode, FilePlus
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Easy to use - no technical skills required

Powerful feature set lets you create 'pro' quality movies

Flexible and Simple Sharing via FlashBack Connect and common video formats

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BB FlashBack is available in 3 editions: Express, Standard and Pro. Compare them here

The Screen Recorder With Everything You Need

Click to show screenshot Get Your Point Across Create engaging movies by adding text, sound and images to your screen recording. Make sure your audience doesn't miss a thing with easy-to-use Zoom-Pan and AutoScroll effects. Create polished tutorials and presentations with the help of powerful editing functions. Do it the easy way with BB FlashBack screen recorder.
Flexible publishing for your screen recording Simple Sharing Its never been easier for everyone to see your movies. BB FlashBack screen recorder shares with FlashBack Connect or Youtube to display your movies on all devices.(FlashBack Connect is currently in Beta, and available only to Pro and Standard edition purchasers)
Flexible publishing for your screen recording Flexible Publishing Reach the widest possible audience. BB FlashBack screen recorder exports to AVI, Flash, QuickTime, MP4 (compatible with iPod/Pad/Phone), GIF, WMV, EXE and PowerPoint. You decide how your screen recording will be presented. Full control over sound and video quality and filesize. Full playback controls in Flash and EXE exports.
Full-Featured RecordingBB FlashBack screen recorder uses a number of different recording technologies to get the best from PCs old and new.Capture online events unattended with scheduled recording. Make notes at record-time and edit them in playback. Record indefinitely and limit the file size by keeping only the last few minutes.
webcam recording Webcam Recording and Picture-in-Picture Video Give your presentations the personal touch with webcam video. The BB FlashBack screen recorder records from your webcam while it records your screen. Easy. You can also import video files as picture-in-picture video.
Video and Audio editing Powerful Editing (Pro Edition only) Take your tutorials and presentations to the next level with the most powerful editing functions of any screen recorder. BB FlashBack lets you fine-tune your movies, editing multi track sound and video side-by-side. The ability to undo and redo changes means you can experiment with confidence.
Localization features Localization Features BB FlashBack comes with features to enable easy localization of your screen recordings.Export text to files ready for translation. Import translated text to create multiple languages in one movie file. Select which language to play, share and export to video.
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Screen Recording The Easy Way

After installing the BB FlashBack screen recorder you can be recording in just a few mouse clicks and making movies in minutes. It's easy.
Just run BB FlashBack, select 'Record' and use your PC as normal. Everything you see on your screen is captured.
Edit & Enhance
Use BB FlashBack's powerful annotation features to add text, callouts, images and sound to your screen recording. The Pro edition includes comprehensive editing of video and multi-track audio side-by-side.
Once you're happy with the movie, share it with to FlashBack Connect or Youtube. You can also export to any of the commonly used video formats, plus standalone EXE (Windows only) and Powerpoint.


Demo Movies

Getting started with BB FlashBack 2
Introduction to our screen recorder software. This movie shows you how easy it is to record the screen and play it back with BB FlashBack.

Watch it

See the rest of the demo movies here.



iPOV has been helping organisations create high-quality eLearning videos for over 6 years. Send iPOV your BB FlashBack screen recordings and they can process them complete with Voiceover, Scrolling Script (form of Closed Captioning) Trackability and up on a website in record time.

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Windows 10
Compatible with Windows 10
Reviews and Customers
"It is excellent, really useful."
Geoff Minshull, Direct Learn Training
"Remarkably easy to get to grips with."
Steve Dawson, A H Marks and Company
"...powerful capabilities and ease of use impressed us."
"...easy to use and requires little or no technical expertise."
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